Lemington Riverside Primary School

Design Technology

Our Design Technology (DT) curriculum at Lemington Riverside aims to foster creativity, problem-solving skills, and practical knowledge among children. Rooted in the National Curriculum, DT combines various disciplines such as mathematics, science, engineering, and art to offer a holistic learning experience.

From early years through to Year 6, children engage in a range of exciting projects that develop their ability to design, make, and evaluate products. In the lower years, students start with simple tasks like building models using basic materials, learning about structures, and understanding simple mechanisms. As they progress, they tackle more complex projects, incorporating elements such as electrical systems, computer programming, and textiles.

Throughout their DT education, children are encouraged to think critically and work collaboratively. They explore real-world problems, come up with innovative solutions, and learn to use various tools and technologies safely and effectively. Our curriculum also emphasises the importance of sustainability and ethical design, teaching students to consider the environmental and social impacts of their creations.

By the end of primary school, our pupils are well-equipped with the foundational skills and confidence needed to excel in further technological education and beyond, fostering a lifelong appreciation for design and innovation.